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"How do I connect my PC to my TV?"

One of the most asked questions we receive, if you currently own a TV with HDMI and Component inputs for high resolution video, but your PC or laptop only outputs VGA, the solution is a video converter.

VGA and component (Y-Pb-Pr or Y-Cb-Cr) are both analog signals that are similar but not compatible.  There are several models with varying features and price.  In analog signals, the results are often not consistent from one TV or PC to another.  The most reliable solution is a converter with a video processor that outputs a conventional TV signal to feed a common Flat Panel TV. 

Also listed below are reverse converters to connect DVD players and gaming boxes with Component output to a PC monitor with only VGA analog inputs. 

DVI and HDMI digital signals are compatible, but DVI lacks the audio that's part of the HDMI specification, so a separate cable is necessary for the sound.  Converting DVI video to analog VGA is common, but VGA to DVI or HDMI is inherently more difficult to accomplish and requires more sophisticated electronics. 

Converter Types:

VGA to Component 
Audio Authority 9A60 - One of the oldest models on the market, the 9A60 is a simple transcoder that sends out the signal in the same frequency, so the PC resolution must be properly configured to work with the TV.
Key Digital KD-VP800 - Incorporates a video processor that can convert all input signals to a specific output signal that's compatible with the widest range of TV's on the market.  PC configuration is not necessary, simple to use.
Bi-directional VGA to Component to VGA
Key Digital KD-VA5 - VGA to Component, or Component to VGA, this bi-directional converter has a simple video processor for easy setup. 
Dtrovision DCDA1 - Converting VGA to DVI (or HDMI with adapter) features some control in video size and screen placement.  
Ophit DDA - This in-line converter is simple to use and supports digital signals p to 1080p. 

 *No audio

1080P Products

  1080P Products
 Video Scalers
Crystalio II VPS3300
Crystalio II VPS3800
Key Digital Hanna HDTV Tuner/Scaler
Key Digital iSyncHD Switcher/Scaler
Key Digital iSync Pro Switcher/Scaler
Dtrovision DS-21R
Dtrovision DS-41R
Dtrovision HDS-21R
Dtrovision HDS-21R
Key Digital HDMI4X1
Key Digital iSyncHD Switcher/Scaler
Key Digital iSync Pro Switcher/Scaler
Zektor HDVI5
 Matrix Switchers
Dtrovision DS-66M
Dtrovision DS-99M
Neothings Avalon 8x2
Neothings Avalon 8x4
Neothings Avalon 8x8
Neothings Borrego 8x2
Neothings Borrego 8x4
Neothings Borrego 8x8
 DVI Distribution
Dtrovision DD-12
Dtrovision DD-150
 DVI to VGA Converter
Dtrovision DC-DA1
Ophit DDA
 SDI to DVI Converter
Key Digital SDI1080P
JVC HD2K Projector
JVC HD10K Projector
Dtrovision Fiber Optic DVI
Dtrovision Fiber Optic DVI Extension System
Dtrovision Fiber Optic HDMI Extension System
Ophit Fiber Optic DVI Cables
Ophit Fiber Optic HDMI Cable System
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