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Key Digital KD-HDFIX22 HDMI Extender with HDCP 2.2

Key Digital Champion RedMere® Cables 
The best certified and tested commercial cables from Key Digital now features RedMere® Technology with support for UltraHD 4K, 3D, up to 600Hz, and Audio Return Channel. 
Champion ProK UltraHD HDMI RedMere® Cables

Other Key Digital Champion HDMI Cables
Champion Residential HDMI VW1 Cables
Champion Commercial HDMI CL3/FT4 UL Cables

Key Digital Champion UltraHD Redmere HDMI Cable 
Key Digital HDBT HDMI Extenders

Fiber Optic Cable Guide

Need the most reliable digital cable (DVI/HDMI/SDI) solution?  Have a noisy environment?  Need long distance (up to 12 miles) of lossless picture quality from your Audio/Video equipment or PC?  Learn more about Fiber Optic cabling, the most stable solution with power isolation and no EMI/RF interference.  We offer comprehensive solutions to your cabling needs. 


Cable Guide
Confused about what cables you need?  Start here with the basics.
List all Adapters
Check our adapters before you buy new cables. 
List all Converters
Various video signal converters options  
Video Switching Have multiple video players and games but only limited inputs on your TV?  What you need is a video switcher.
Distribution Amps
Need to send video out to several displays at the same time?  Video distribution basics.
Matrix Switchers
A little more complex, sending multiple sources to multiple displays and control each input/output separately requires a matrix switch. 


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