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Manufacturer : Audio Authority
Model : AA1154A  
MSRP : $219
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Component (Y-Pb-Pr) 4x1 Audio/Video Switcher 

Is your HDTV limiting the number of component devices you can use?  S-Video and Composite signals are limited to interlaced scan rate (480i).  Many devices like Progressive Scan DVD players, XBox, and HDTV set-top boxes require High-Band Component connections, but most older sets often feature only one or two inputs.  Audio Authority's 4-in 1-out component switcher is the ideal box for all of your devices, offering both high-definition video and analog/digital audio switching capability.  The 1154 uses Adaptive Signal Sensing logic and monitors the users’ activity patterns and adapts accordingly to decide when to switch sources.  Manual select button can override inputs.  The analog audio connections can be connected directly to the speakers of the TV and are ideal for use by kids or spouses  that do not want to turn on the audio system used with the digital connections. 


Key Buying Points:

  • HDTV Compatible at 480i/480p/720p/1080i
  • Connect up to 4 A/V sources to one display
  • Expands both Audio and Video input capacity
  • Automatically selects the active audio input
  • Converts optical and coaxial signals automatically

Rear View:




4 Component (3xRCA) Y-Pb-Pr Inputs
4 S/PDIF and Toslink Audio Inputs
4 L+R Analog Audio Inputs
1 Component (3xRCA) Y-Pb-Pr Output
1 S/PDIF and Toslink Audio Output
1 L+R Analog Audio Output
Power Connector and Adapter
    Bandwidth 100MHz @ -3db
    Dimensions 3.25" (H) x 8.5" (W) x 5.5"" (D) 
    Weight 3lbs.
    Warranty Info One year warranty
  Cable Packs
4-pack Steren Analog
  Component+L/R RCA
2x 3 ft. and 2x 6 ft.
  Regular Price $72
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4-pack Steren Digital
2x 3 ft. and 2x 6 ft.
  Regular Price $86
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