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Manufacturer : Dtrovision
Model : DC-AD2X
MSRP : $949
Our Price : $949.00   
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 VGA to DVI A/D Video Converter 

Dtrovision's PureLink model DC-AD2X converts analog VGA signals to digital DVI. For those of you with older video sources, there is now a way to connect that source to the DVI digital input on your new digital TV or display. A second outlet provides VGA output as well.

Consumers who use their computers with VGA output to watch movies can enjoy the higher performance of their new digital display by utilizing the DVI input. This input automatically scales all input signals to
the native resolution of the display, improving the picture quality of all HD content so that it will be seen as it was meant to be seen.

Key Features : 

  • Frequency Bandwidth: 1.65 Gbps (single link)

  • VGA Bandwidth: 165 Mhz

  • Video Resolutions: All resolutions up to1080p HDTV / 1600x1200 at 60Hz(UXGA)

  • Input: DVI-D 24p Female (one)

  • Output: D-sub 15p Female (one)

  • Power supply adapter: DC 5V, 2A Power supply adapter

  • DC-AD2 Weight / Dimensions: 2 LBS / 9x10x2 inches (WxLxH)


Connection Features :

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