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PC-TV ready for primetime?

Have a dream of a connecting your PC to a widescreen HDTV display?  Well, with some study, it is more possible than not.  Does your HDTV have component, VGA, DVI or HDMI input?  Older televisions may require special care, but most displays on the market today can act much like a computer monitor, ideal for use with an entertainment PC or other video player devices.  Converters are available in cases where the source and display does not share the same type of connections.  Windows based PCs pose the most challenge with wide range of resolutions that they output.  Game consoles and DVD players generally follow ATSC resolutions and timings at 480p, 720p or 1080i at 60Hz. 

Connecting to your TV at the proper frequency

With older analog only television sets in mind, to connect a PC to your HDTV equipment, it is imperative to understand the limitations of your frequency range. (Consult your user manual).  Standard NTSC is defined as 15kHz, while ATSC's DTV standard definition at 480p (VGA 640x480 @ 60Hz refresh) will allow double that rate at 31.75 kHz. To receive High-Definition at 1080i, the set must accommodate 33kHz (960x540).  There are caveats to connecting PCs to your HDTVs mostly frequency incompatibility, or overscan but software solutions like PowerStrip is available for the PC.  

Video Signal Converters

Video converters and processors can be used in cases where the device and display uses differing types of connection for high-definition video.  The most common converter types are:

  • VGA to Component
  • Component to VGA
  • Component to DVI
  • VGA to DVI
  • DVI to VGA
  • SDI to DVI

Colorspace converter or transcoders will change the incoming VGA signal to Component and vice versa.  Digital to/from Analog converters simplify connections by controlling the frequency to most common of the 18 ATSC resolutions.  Caveats are overscan built into many television sets that resutls in less than perfect solution for some devices.

Getting connected  

Display Technology and TV Types



TViX Duo M6620NP DVR

TViX M6620NP DVR features dual tuner that can record one or two shows while you watch another show or movie from the installed hard drive (required for recording) or a movie over the network from your PC or NAS server.  The absolutely best media player on the market today now with the added bonus of ATSC/QAM tuning.   
Supports Blu-Ray, MPEG-2, .TS, H.264, .MKV, FLV, RMBV and much more!

TViX M6620NP

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