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How to get free over-the-air HDTV

You've installed your antenna (indoor or outdoor) and now you're ready to receive your HDTV broadcasts.  What options do you have?  For totally free local HDTV, you'll need a receiver.

That older NTSC TV you still own will likely have an NTSC analog TV tuner/receiver, but your local TV station will stop broadcasting in Analog TV signals (NTSC).  Some newer Digital HDTV like LCD and Plasma flat panels may have built-in receivers if they were advertised as an HDTV, but many sold as DTV or HDTV Monitors don't.  For TVs that need a tuner/receiver for your HDTV or if you need a converter with analog pass-through for an older TV, there are currently numerous units on the market and some may even qualify for the $40 US issued coupons.  Make sure that you get a unit that will work for your TV type. 

Common types of Television Technology

Traditional CRT Direct View
The later models are often over 28" size with the largest hovering at 38".  While the CRT is slowly disappearing to make way for today's latest digital displays like the types below, there are still some development in this field.  CRTs are popular for near total blacks and wide contrast range that produces the creamiest of pictures that pleases most eye.  Recent breakthroughs include shallow tubes (shown below).

DLP Rear Projection
Range from 40" to 80" with the most utilized being 50".  User replaceable lamp and lack of burn-in issues makes this a popular option.

LCD/LCOS Rear Projection
Like DLP, ranges from 40" to 80" with the most common in the 50" range.  No burn-in and replaceable lamp a plus.

Direct View LCD-TV ranges from 17" to hefty 46" with flat TV depth of 2-4".  Price drops have been common in all sizes as the technology quickly develops to include better brightness and contrast ratio as well as newer HDMI inputs, HDTV Tuners and Cable Card slots.

Plasma TV
Range from 38" to hefty 62" range, plasma is coveted for the thin profile and brightness/contrast thats ideal even in the brightest room.  Also in the flat TV category, plasmas are often wall mounted to maximize living space.    

Front Projectors
Generally used in larger rooms like home theaters, projected images can look great at up to 130".  Front projectors are available in variety of technologies as listed above (CRT, LCD, DLP, LCOS) that exhibit advantages of each in the picture image characteristics and resolutions capability.  


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