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 Revolution of the Home Theater PC (HTPC)

Welcome to Digital Connection's Home Entertainment Store.  Our website was borne of the early days of the Home Theater PC (HTPC) as digital video was introduced and evolved.  We scoured and found the best hardware and software for the ultimate in Audio/Video PC.  As the market grew, our commitment has been firmly grounded to products that enhance video entertainment.    

Early adopters of HTPCs concentrated on the ability to play DVD video, grew with HDTV broadcasts, and expanded with Microsoft's entry into the market with Media Center Edition and Vista that merged all types of media formats including pictures, music, and video with a off-the-shelf entertainment interface.  The HTPC is considered the ultimate solution for those that want best from their multimedia functions, but there are roadblocks to easy adaptation as rules and regulations emerge in the form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) that limit the usage of the content over home networks.   

As the transition to alternate forms of content delivery from telecom, satellite, cable companies explode, the rules of encryption and distribution could take some twists and turns, but the HTPC will continue to advance with each new video format unavailable in other appliances.    

Currently, the HTPC crowd can be divided into two groups based on the OS of choice, XP and Vista (and many Linux enthusiasts abound).  While XP suffers limitations on what will continue to develop, Vista poses a challenge by its possibilities.  When building Home Theater PC's the hardware required to run Vista with all its advertised functions (like HD-DVD and Blu-Ray) can be challenging, with HDMI video cards, compliant motherboard chipsets and hard disk controllers, and audio ambiguity.  The promise of cable and satellite capture cards seems to drag endlessly to the most loyal builders, and home distribution requires understanding of interoperable devices not suited for mere humans.       

Home Theater PC Basics
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How to connect HTPC to your HDTV

To ensure that a product delivers as advertised, we at Digital Connection make it a mission to test and rate products sold on our site.  Products that perform at the maximum test frequencies are labeled with 1080P-Ready symbol for the highest compatibility.  





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