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Home Theater PC under Windows XP

Do you envision a HTPC as the centerpiece of your entertainment, a system that can play DVD, store music, record your shows, serve up games, and surf the web to satisfy your vices, all connected to your killer HiFi system?  Are you staring from scratch, or converting an existing machine?  If you are this far along, then we'll list some must have applications to optimize the experience. 

First, determine if you plan to use Windows or Media Center Edition as what you need will vary.  Networking and compatibility of files should be considered when you decide on your OS.  Listed below are some of the functions and programs most popular with other HTPC users under Windows XP.

Excellent place to start

AVS Forum - Free Software Download Guide by RayL Jr.

DVD Player applications


TV Tuner cards

Hauppauge WinTV-PVR

HDTV Tuner cards

MyHD MDP-130
Fusion HDTV 5 Gold RT PCI 
Fusion HDTV 5 Express PCI-E
V-Box Cat's Eye PCI with BeyondTV
V-Box Cat's Eye USB with BeyondTV

TV Control and Program Guide

BeyondTV by Snapstream
Promixis Net Remote

PC Remote Controls

iMon Inside
iMon Knob
iMon VFD
iMon 2.4G PCI
iMon 2.4G USB
Microsoft MCE Remote

Interface and Control Software

Charmed Quark (CQC)





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