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PC Video Card Display FAQ

Q.  I have a graphic card that has a DVI, VGA, and S-Video connections.  What should I use to connect to my Monitor?   

Most video cards on the market today have two PC full resolution output for monitors as well as a S-Video for output to a standard (non-HD) TV.  The PC outputs can be used simultaneously, as well as one PC and the TV output, but most often not all three at the same time due to hardware limitations.  

Q.  How can I use the two PC outputs simultaneously?

When the outputs are connected to two separate displays, the output video can be sent out in the following modes:

Clone Mode - both displays show the same image

Extended Desktop Mode - One shows the main desktop while the second an extended view.  In this mode, the secondary monitor is often incapable of displaying video overlay.

Source : ATI Video setup guide .pdf file size 630KB




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