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TViX Basic FAQ  

Q.  What is a TViX media player?  
A.  It is an A/V media box that is dedicated to playing your video, audio, and photos connected to a TV.  The core of the media box is the video processor that give you PC like expe  A hard drive can be installed in the TViX, or you can connect it to drives in a home network, or you can use a USB hard drive or memory stick.  However you connect your files to the TVix to access, you can play the files right on your TV. 

File types, resolutions, and connection types supported on a DVICO TViX model M6500A.

Q.  What is the most common use for TViX?
A.  TViX is a perfect way to store your DVD and CD disks in a digital format and conveniently have instant access to all your stored media files.  It's versatile enough to play most of the files found on the internet as well as today's HD recordings and and movie backups, and recordings made by HD Camcorders.  It's a perfect companion to the Home Theater PC as they share compatible files but with simpler operation.    

Q.  Will it play DVD-ISO with the menus?
A.  Yes.    

Q.  Will it play ripped Blu-Ray files?
A.  Yes, it will as both file structure and ISO, but there is no interactive menu support for Blu-Ray files.

Q.  Can I play 1080p native files?  
A.  Yes, and the TViX will support 1080p/24Hz video if the display used is so capable.

Q.  What is the firmware so often spoken about in the discussions about media players?
A.  Most media players arrive from the factory with basic functions, but the engineers continue to improve like PC hardware vendors update drivers.  Firmware updating is a simple process that can be performed by downloading the firmware file to a hard drive on the TViX, USB drive, or USB memory stick.      

Q.  Will it play files I download from the internet?  
A.  It will play files most popular as downloads on the internet with some limitations such as DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected files.

Q.  Can you access the internet?  
A.  Most media players these days have some limited capabilities when used with a PC and a third party software (like TVersity).  The latest media players using Realtek processors offer an IMS function where you can access YouTube and other internet channels.

Q.  How do I connect it to my home network?  
A.  Plug in an ethernet cable connected to your router and enter your PC's IP Address and the share name of your drive or to a compatible Network Attached Storage (NAS).  All media players support SMB protocols, some will support NFS with compatible application on a PC or NAS.  (More)

Q.  Does it support both HDTV and older analog SDTVs?  
A.  Yes.  The TViX has outputs that support both types of TVs. 

Q.  How do you get files to the internal hard drive?  
A.  Connect it to your PC using USB which is recognized as a removable drive. 

Q.  Does the HDMI port support both video and audio?  
A.  Yes.  You can choose the option to connect it directly to a TV, or pass through an A/V Receiver. 

Q.  What if I don't have a device that uses HDMI audio?  
A.  The media player will normally also have S/PDIF and/or Toslink and Stereo outputs to support every type of audio option.

Q.  Can I play HDTV shows recorded on my PC?  
A.  It depends.  TVIX will support MPEG-2 and H.264 streams but will not support Windows DVR-MS format used by Windows Media Center which has to be converted to a supported format.  Some WMV restricted files cannot be played on TViX.   

Q.  Can it play high-resolution Quicktime .mov files?  
A.  Yes. 

Q.  Does it support FLAC audio files?  
A.  Yes

Q.  Can I play HD files from my camcorder?  
A.  In most cases, video from cameras and camcorders play on the TViX.  The formats that have been tested to date are .mov, .mpg, .m2ts.  TViX players with memory card slots can play videos and photos right from the memory card. 

Q.  Can it output native resolution of the source to use with a high end video processor?  
A.  Yes, the TViX supports native resolution output.  

Q.  Can TViX players with TV tuners record HDTV shows?  
A.  Yes, TViX can play transport stream files recorded with most HDTV tuner card in PCs, and it can record shows you are viewing witht the tuner.  In the dual tuner TViX players, you can schedule and record both ATSC and QAM signals.

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