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TViX Basic Troubleshooting

Q.  I can't see a picture when I connect the TViX to the TV.  
A.  Depending on the firmware version, the TViX may or may not cycle through the outputs so the menu can be seen on the TV.  If you do not see anything on the screen, use the TV Out button on the lower left hand side of the remote, push it until you see an image.  Once you get an image on the screen, go into the setup and configure for your TV. 

TViX M6500A Main Screen.

Q.  I installed a hard drive, how should I format it?  
A.  If the drive is already formatted, then the TViX should recognize the drive.  If the drive is brand new and not formatted, simply use the menu option to format with TViX, or connect it to a PC via USB and use Windows Disk Management.

Q.  The TViX shows "Loading" but never boots up completely. 
A.  This behavior is most common when a hard drive is installed but the drive is defective not allowing the TViX to boot all the way.  Try disconnecting the drive and power up.  If it continues to stop at "Loading", contact techical support.    

Q.  The TViX hangs on MPEG-2 transport stream files, or loses audio during playback.
A.  This maybe caused by error in the transport stream.  To confirm, try playing the same file to see if the interruption occurs in the same spot.  To analyze and repair a file, try running the file through MPEG2Repair. 

Q.  I can connect using SMB shares on the TViX but understand that NFS offers better performance.  How do I use NFS?  
A.  A Windows PC does not offer NFS standard so a third party software is necessary.  DVICO offers Netshare that will support up to four connections.  Install the Netshare program on the PC you want to connect to and name your network shared folder "tvixhd1" (all subsequent shares should be named tvixhd2, tvixhd3, etc.).  NFS is much trickier on Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and not all work with the TViX (depending on the implementation of the protocol).  For NAS devices, we highly recommend Netgear's ReadyNAS.

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