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TViXiE movie GUI builder  

So, you got a TViX and you're ready to build your movie server.  There are several options for PC users, but the most up-to-date solution comes from TViXiE Interface builder. 

TViXiE lets you add the movie cover art and information to your files to improve the TViX interface.  The result is a professional looking media library that's easy to use for the whole family.  TViXiE adds the wow and turns the TViX into an ideal movie server.  TViXiE GUI can also be activated on movies on networked hard drives.

Cover Art and Synopsis

Load up the directory of your library and let TViXiE go out to the internet to locate movie cover, information and rating, and even a snappy fan art to enhance the info page.  You can even create your own reviews and ratings or customize easily using the editing functionality.   You can also include cast, director, and even the video format of the file.     

With little time and creativity, the TViX can rival the look and feel of the most expensive DVD Jukebox on the market.  With the latest WebRemote access from iPhone or Droid based smartphones, you can control your TViX with the same graphical richness of a TViXiE enhanced library. 

Choosing the cover art mode displays the movie cover as the icon on your menu.  Scroll through all your movies easily with the remote with eye candy presentation.  For home theater fans, add movie info and fan art shown below. 

(image capture does not include controls of the TViX which differ slightly from model to model) 

Artwork on TViX WebRemote

A word about TViXiE, it's written by enthusiasts and distributed free of charge, so if you like the program, don't forget to donate to the site to help continue improving and developing better features.

TViXiE Screenshots
TViXiE  Download (Windows)

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