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Video Converters

One of the most asked questions we receive from installers for commercial environmnets is how to connect VGA or DVI device to displays with HDMI inputs or switches.  Most modern displays or TV's lack VGA or DVI inputs, and short of the DVI/HDMI conversion which is compatible and simply needs an adapter, changing analog signals like VGA to DVI or HDMI and vice versa requires an A/D or D/A (Analog/Digital) signal converter.  When converting video signal, consider how the audio (if required) will be delivered.  Below are signal converts available at our store.


Example of VGA to HDMI video conversion using Key Digital KD-VCS500

When converting VGA to HDMI, consider how the audio will be routed from your VGA source, which will have separate audio connections.  A converter able to deliver audio via the HDMI output will offer an analog input and include the audio signal via the HDMI signal stream, just like most modern video devices offer today.  Below are some options availble at Digital Connection:

Key Digital KD-VCS500 - VGA to HDMI Video Converter with Analog Audio Input.


Ophit DAD-U200 - VGA to DVI Video Converter.
Ophit DAU - VGA to DVI Universal Converter/Splitter


Older monitors or touchpad devices with VGA inputs require analog signals.  When using DVI output sources, consider if audio is required as it will need it's own transmission method.  DVI to VGA converters we offer: 

Ophit DDA - In-line converter is simple to use and supports digital signals to 1080p. *Can be used with HDMI video, but with no audio capabilities.


3D HDMI Product List
Start here on video how to:
Not enough HDMI video inputs?  Add more using a  switch. 
Distribution Amp/Splitter
Send a signal to more than one TV using a Distribution Amp.
Matrix Switch
Send and control multiple video devices to multiple TVs.  Solution for environments like conference rooms and bar/restaurants. 
Video Converters
Need to connect VGA device to HDMI?  DVI device to VGA?  VGA to DVI?  See our solutions.

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