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Video Distribution Amplifiers

What to do when you have several display that you need to drive with a single video device?  A simple splitter is often inadequate as the signal needs equalization and/or amplification to be drive multiple display devices.  There are several types of analog and digital distribution amplifies available in HD video formats.


Above is a typical HDMI Distribution Amp showing one input and eight outputs.  Component/Analog video often running maximum resolution of 1080i (though there are rare devices that support 1080p analog) maybe recommended when using more than one brand of displays as EDID/HDCP in the digital signal may result in unstable performance.  The latest distributors offer more flexibility (EDID library/code or 3D/4K support) and support for the latest video formats, so shop according to your installation needs.  

List of HDMI/DVI Distribution Amplifier

List of Component Distribution Amplifiers



Video Connection Chart

Quick overview of the video glossary gets you up to the speed.  Below are connection types used for High Definition (HDTV) video found on back of most TV sets and the associated resolutions.

Component Video (Analog Green/Blue/Red 3x RCA) - *NTSC SD 480i and ATSC HD 480p/720p/1080i (consult TV manual compatibility)

VGA (Analog 15-Pin D-Sub or R/G/B/H/V 5x BNC) - ATSC HD 480p/720p/1080i and *some PC connectivity.  Some high-band component video/analog audio switchers allow hookup as RGBHV using the left+right audio channels as H+V inputs.  
DVI (Digital Single or Dual Link) - ATSC HD 480p/720p/1080i and *some PC connectivity
HDMI (Digital) - ATSC HD 480p/720p/1080i and *some PC connectivity





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