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By product name, model number, or manufacturer

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Product: Video Cable
Manufacturer : Key Digital  
Description : HiFi Residential SuperSonic HDMI VW1 Cables
Model : KD-HIFI  HDMI Cables 
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High Speed HDMI Cables supports 3D and 4K

 Key Digital Champion HDMI v1.4 residential cables

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Premium HDMI Super Sonic Speed 21 Gbps VW1 Rated cables featuring  precision internal windings to deliver exceptional digital video performance.  

Key Features:

  • Supports all SD, HD, and VESA (VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, SXGA, UXGA) resolutions up to 1080p (60Hz & 50Hz)
  • SuperSonic Bandwidth with speeds up to 21 Gbps
  • Full support of lossless digital audio formats:
  • Supports 120 Hz, 240 Hz, 480 Hz and 600 Hz displays
  • Gold-Plated 30 Gauge Conductors
  • VW1 UL Rated cable

HDMI® Features:

  • 3D - Capability to pass 3D stereoscopic signal formats
  • 4K - 4096x2160/24 video resolution support for commercial applications such as Digital Movie Theaters, CAD, Post Production, Graphics and etc.
  • HDMI Ethernet Channel - Allows 100 Mb/s Ethernet between two HDMI connecting devices
  • Audio Return Channel - Allows audio to be returned from display back to HDMI source for amplification and display


Every Key Digital HDMI® cable is supplied with a "Tested Performance Guarantee" to assure you that every single cable has been rigorously tested in order to meet any demand.

Key Digital's "Open EYE™" technology has been named after the test scope measurement used on every single Key Digital HDMI cable. Key Digital engineers strive to bring you optimum noise free performance within very HDMI Cable.

Key Digital stands behind its technology and guarantees Full HD 1080P (supports 1920x1200) performance on every HDMI cable barring this certificate.

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