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  Manufacturer : Monivision
  Model : DM-6552SW
  Description : 32" Widescreen Direct View High-Definition DTV/Monitor
  MSRP : N/A
  Our Price :   Discontinued 

  Shipping by trucking service, multi-story delivery require two-man delivery charge.  


Best Direct View CRT display gets a new life

dm6552sw_hd.jpg (55337 bytes)

The demise of Princeton's 30" AF3.0HD was an unfortunate milestone.  Regarded highly by the video industry for it's high performance and  super fine pitch MicroFilter tube by Toshiba, it produced amazingly sharp images suited even for professional studio environment.  On-screen user controls provide every type of tweak imaginable.  The one defining feature on this monitor was it's ability to display 720p signal natively.

Enter Monivision with model DM-6552SW.  The two models are very similar except the chassis color, which is pure black.  There major differences are the lack of inputs that were available on the Princeton is limited to the single VGA input on the Monivision to lower the cost.  

Best of all, it is now available at an unbeatable price, lowest ever for this PC compatible display.  If a widescreen direct view was on your list, you can purchase the DM-6552SW with confidence of great performance and 2 year warranty from Monivision.

For one user's review, see Show and Tell


   led.gif (1204 bytes)    Product Specifications

    CRT Size/Pitch

32"/0.73mm Super Fine Pitch
Invar Shadow Mask, 105░ magnetic deflection, 
dynamic focus forming 76% transmission
  Aspect Ratio 16:9 Wide Aspect Ratio
  Recommended   Resolution 1280 x 720p
  HDTV/DTV Formats 1080i, 720p, and 480p
  Compatibility (NTSC/PAL both composite and S) - line doubled
1080x1920; 16x9 square pixel; 24p, 30p, 30i
720x1280; 16x9 square pixel; 24p, 30p, 60p
480x704; 4x3 non-square pixel; 60p, 60i
480x704; 16x9 non-square pixel; 60p, 60i
480x640; 4x3 square pixel; 60p
  Horizontal Frequency 30-52kHz (Progressive and Interlaced)
  Vertical Frequency 50-120Hz
  Video Bandwidth 65MHz
  Input Timing Modes    Video
480/60p (31.5 kHz)
720/60p (44.96 kHz)
1080/30i (33.72kHz)
VGA 640x480 (31.5 kHz, 60Hz)
SVGA 800x600 (48.0 kHz, 72Hz)
XGA 1024x768 (48.36 kHz, 60Hz)
  Video Compatibility NTSC (3.58Mhz), PAL (4.43MHz)
  Video Input/Output Video
Computer : 1 Dsub 15-pin - VGA, SVGA, XGA
Optional Vision Box CT-189) Inputs
1 x Component : YPbPr 480p/720p/1080i
2 x Composite :480i
1 x S-Video : 480i
   User Controls Front Panel Keys:
Power, TV/PC/AV (Degauss), Menu
CH +, -  Vol +, -
OSD Functions Picture:
Video - Black level, Contrast, H/V Size,
H/V Position, Pincushion, Trapezoid, Bow,
Rotation, Parallel, R/G/B-Drive
Degauss, Color Recall
OSD Options:
Background On, Instant-On Yes,
Moire On, Adjust Moire, Auto Degauss On
Auto Shift On
   Power Supply Auto-switching 90-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  Dimensions 32" (w) x 29" (H) x 30" (D)
  Weight 120 lbs. (200 DIM weight for shipping)
  Power Management Energy Star compliant
OFF 8W, Suspend 8W, Standby 35W
  Warranty 2 Year limited warranty for parts, labor, CRT (Continental US)

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