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Manufacturer : Soundgraph
MSRP : $69
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iMon Knob Remote Receiver/volume control  

iMON Knob from Soundgraph is the latest external IR remote package designed to be used as not only IR receiver but also volume controller. It can be attached on the font panel of PC or on the top of the desk with blue LED illumination when in operation.  As with all iMon products, the Knob is Girder compliant receiver, or can be used with Soundgraph's MultiMedian software.

Key Buying Points:

  • Volume Control (up/down/mute).

  • iMon PAD Remote.

  • 16x2 high quality USB VFD

  • USB Interface

  • Wireless remote control of PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Excellent IR signal receiving sensitivity up to 15 meter (50 ft.) distance and 45°angle in any direction.

iMon Pad Remote:

1.  Application Exit : Closing the active window or closing MultiMedian. <ALT+4>
2.  Power : Turn On/Off 
3.  Media contro button group 1.
4.  Mouse/keyboard button : Switching the usage of PAD controller between mouse and keyboard 4 way arrow keys.
5.  PAD Controller : Mouse cursor control & 4 arrow keys.
6.  Windows button
7.  Menu button
8.  MultiMedian : Run MultiMedian
9.  Application Launcher : Run Application Launcher.  Easiest way to run the assigned applications.
10.  Task Switcher : Run Task Switcher, select the application window among the running applications.
11.  iMon Timer : Running iMon Timer, management of power on/off and alarm schedule.
12.  Volume/Channel buttons : Control of Volume and TV channel.  Media Control button Group 2.
13. Short-cut* button to move to My Movie, Music, Photo, TV with MultiMedian.  

*Movie Tip : Use Aspect Ration and Full Screen Button.

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