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  Product Specifications: Video Card
  Manufacturer : DViCO
  Model : FusionHDTVII
  Description : ATSC Tuner PCI Software HDTV Decoder Analog In
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     Item discontinued - see FusionHDTV3 Gold
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  All existing FusionHDTV II order will be upgraded to FusionHDTV3 when available.
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Software HDTV enters second phase with FusionHDTV II  

DViCO's entry into the US HDTV market brings us to the next generation software decoder card with the introduction of the FusionHDTV II.  The second includes two RF inputs as well as analog Composite and S-Video inputs.  Based on DVICO's own software HDTV decoder optimized for DxVA, this is the flexible solution that can route the video signal to the system main graphics card via VGA or DVIl.  This affordable HDTV tuner includes software utility that will cut files on the fly and recording HDTV to the PC's hard disk as well as to Digital-VHS tape (firewire and Windows XP required for D-VHS).  

Key Buying Points:

  • Affordable tuner card

  • Output via your graphics card VGA or DVI

  • Scale to the resolution of your PC graphics card

  • Record and Playback ATSC Streams

  • Recording stream cut-on-the-fly utility

  • High Resolution Still Image Captures

  • Record to D-VHS with Firewire and Windows XP

  • Optional Remote Control

Technical Guide

Download and test demo software

Latest Driver/Application

Output to Component HDTV requires Transcoder 

Please check availability of DTV broadcasts in your area prior to purchase at following sites:


   Processors Conexant  Fusion878 Decoder
Sony 8VSB Tuner
   Input Connections 2x Coax Antenna/Cable "F" Connectors
Composite Video Input
S-Video Input
Analog Audio Input
   Minimum System Requirements

DXVA based VGA cards
Pentium3 750MHz or faster with 128M memory
Celeron 900Mhz or faster with 128M memory
All ATI Radeon series
Runs on WinME/2000/XP or later
Ultra-DMA66 IDE controller-HDD for recording
Requires one PCI slot
Non-DXVA based VGA cards

Pentium4 1.6GHz or faster with 128M memory
All Nvidia MX series and ATI Radeon series VGAs
DDR266 or faster memory
Runs on WinME/ 2000/ XP or later
Ultra-DMA66 IDE controller-HDD for recording
Requires one PCI slot


Conexant Fusion878 drivers
Dvico tuner driver
Dvico full software HDTV decoder
Dvico DxVA software HDTV decoder

   Software Package

HDTV reception and display
Record and playback the HDTV files
Recording reservation for upcoming TV programs
High resolution still-screen capturing
No 2G/4G record limit – as large as HDD allows
Direct DVHS control/ recording/ playback

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