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Manufacturer : Key Digital
Model : KD-CTCA3
Description: Component HD to VGA Converter
MSRP : $349
Our Price :    Discontinued.  See KD-VA5  

Component to VGA Transcoder 

A typical dilemma in electronics is the non-compatibility of various video products to and displays.  This is typical with VGA based displays such as PC monitors, projectors, and plasmas with component based DVD player or HDTV tuner box.  How do you get the signal from these into your high-performance display?  

Transcoding, or colorspace conversion is thel solution from Key Digital.  The KD-CTCA3 will convert the Component video signal to VGA.  Its ideal for use with progressive DVD players, video games (like Xbox and Game Cube), and HDTV Set Top Boxes at high-definition video formats -- 480p, 720p, 1080i/540p, NTSC, PAL, interlaced, progressive. With Key Digital's ClearVideo products, you get crystal-clear processing and you can actually drive the signal with cable lengths up to 50 feet.

Application Usage:


• One Component Video (YPrPb) Input to two VGA (RGBHV) Outputs Video Adapter
• Smallest Component Video to VGA Adapter on the market today
• Enables display of:
• progressive DVD players or Component Video HDTV Set Top Boxes on VGA monitors and projectors
• Xbox and other game consoles at 480p, 720p, and 1080i/540p on standard VGA monitors and projectors
• Compatible with:
• all Component Video HDTV Set Top Boxes
• all NTSC and PAL interlaced and progressive formats
• Xbox and Game Cube video games Video Inputs
• One Component Video (YPrPb) input on three RCA female jacks
• One auto switching RGBHV input connected to RGBHV output when Component Video input has no sync on "Y"
• 1 V p-p @ 75 Ohm terminated
• Composite Sync on "Y" Processing
• HDTV colorimetry matrix
• Video bandwidth -3 dB at 110 MHz, linear-phase passband, for crystal-clear display
• Auto switching between RGB input and Component Video converted to RGB
• unit will recognize sync on Y for switching between Component Video converted to RGB or RGBHV input
• Output RGB formats: RGBHV or RGsB
• Outputs can drive cables up to 50 feet

Control and Adjustments:

• Auto Mode automatically adjusts for ANY incoming video scanning format
• H sync selection: Composite Sync (CS) or H drive Accepted Scanning Formats
• 50 Hz or 60 Hz refresh: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 1080i/540p, 720p
• Output scanning format is always the SAME as the input scanning format Outputs
• VGA (RGBHV) Video:
• One RGBHV output (DB15 output connector)
• One Component Video pass-through output, always active
• RGB: 0.7 V p-p, 75 Ohm, terminated at the source
• Negative TTL sync for H&V in RGBHV mode, or negative Sync-on-Green for RGsB mode
• Polarity of H&V sync for pass-through RGBHV is the same as input H&V polarity Mechanical
• RCA (for Component Video) and DB15 (frequently used for VGA/computer) connectors
• Size: 2" x 4.75" x 0.75"
• Weight: 1 lbs.
• Enclosure type: Plastic



   Product Specifications


1 Component (3xRCA) Y-Pb-Pr Input
1 Component (3xRCA) Y-Pb-Pr Pass-through
2 VGA Output 
Support RGBHV and RGBS output
    Dimensions 1" (H) x 3" (W) x 4" (D)
    Weight 3 lbs.
    Warranty Info One year full replacement warranty
Printable Brochure
Replacement Power Supply KD-PS5V5AP

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