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Manufacturer : Key Digital
Model : HD Spider KD-VP8
Description : Analog Video to HDMI Video Converter
MSRP : $825
Our Price : $799.00   
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Convert S-Video/Composite/Component to HDMI 

KD-VP8 converts (Compsite, S-Video, Component) standard definition NTSC 480i, 480p and PAL 576i, 576p analog video sources to (Component and HDMI or Component and Cat5) video. KD-VP8's feature IAS™ Intelligent Auto Sense signal detection and switching, pushbutton control, status-monitoring LED’s and RS-232 and IR remote control. KD-VP8 processor is expandable, individually addressable, product is engineered to meet rigorous Key Digital® design and test criteria to produce crystal-clear, pristine picture quality.

Key Features

  • Converts Composite, S-Video and Component video to Component, HDMI & Cat5 outputs (KD-CAT5XHDMI HDMI extender optional)
  • HDMI or HDMI over CAT5 output selectable via a slide switch
  • Accepts Analog, Composite, S-Video Component SD NTSC 480i, EDTV 480p, PAL 576i and EDTV 576p video formats
  • Offers user controlled de-interlacing available on Component output only
  • IAS™ Intelligent Auto Sense switches to active input
  • Pushbutton control, and the corresponding status LEDs
  • Easy-to-operate IR remote control
  • Wired IR remote control port, RS-232 Port, Compatible with all control systems
  • Built-in mounting flanges

Application Example

Product Brochure
User Manual
Spec Sheet
Replacement Power Supply KD-PS5V5AP

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