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Manufacturer : Spectrum Ltd.
Model : LP49-DTV
Description :
Indoor UHF Antenna  
MSRP : $59
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Spectrum Indoor UHF antenna for over-the-air HDTV 

With popularity of cable and satellite services, it is an uncommon household that  get their TV from their local broadcasters using an antenna.  With the introduction and increasing coverage of HDTV by local over-the-air broadcasters, and impending blackout of analog channels, and highly improved picture quality of digital TV, more consumers are showing interest in free high-definition TV.  Using small UHF antenna allows viewers in most cities to receive their digital broadcast, utilizing the higher resolution video signals of today's HDTVs, enhancing the experience with life-like video and sound.  With higher bitrate image than found on local cable or satellite rebroadcast of the same local networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox), more and more consumers are getting re-acquainted with the humble antenna.    

Once the LP49 has been assembled, it's a simple matter of point and scan to start watching the best resolution broadcasts from your local TV stations.  The LP49 boasts great reception without the need for amplification, an noticeable improvement from last generation of indoor antennas.   

Technical Specifications: 

  • UHF Channels 14-68 (450-870MHz)
  • SWR : Below 2.0
  • Gain : 5.0 dBi
  • Impedance: 75ohm
  • Connector : "F" type (standard) 
  • Cable: RG179 (3 Meter) included

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