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Manufacturer : Macro Image Technology
Model : MDR-200
MSRP : $499
Digital Connection Price : CALL!   
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Item Discontinued.  For alternative see TViX M6620NP


MIT HDTV Tuner and NTSC Scaler with Firewire  

Need an affordable set-top box? How about a scaler?  The MDR-200 from MIT is both featuring ATSC over-the-air tuner with Firewire for D-VHS recording capability and video scaler featuring NTSC de-interlacer/scaler that can output VGA or Component at 480p, 720p, or 1080i.  Ideal for use with PC monitors, Plasma displays, or today's LCD-TVs.  The MDR-200 features Component, S-Video, or Composite video inputs, all switchable with the remote control. Two RF inputs for antenna or cable connection, you'll love the simple to use MDR-200, the most affordable set-top/scaler on the market today.


Key Buying Points:

  • Scale interlaced video signal to 480p/720p/1080i

  • 4 video inputs for switching 

  • HDTV Tuner with 2 RF inputs

  • Firewire ports for use with D-VHS

  • VGA or Y-Pb-Pr output



  Product Specifications:
  Video HDTV (ATSC 8VSB) Tuner 
NTSC Tuner
480p/720p/1080i scaler 
  Input Connections 2x Coax Antenna/Cable "F" Connectors
1x S-Video/ Composite with L+R Audio (shared)
1x Compsite with L+R Audio
2x Component Video (480i) with L+R Audio
  Output Connections 15-pin D-Sub VGA Connector
Component Y-Pb-Pr (HD and SD)
S-Video (SD) and Composite
S/PDIF Digital Coax (RCA)
Optical Digital Audio (TOSLINK)
Analog 2 channel L+R Stereo
2x Firewire ports

  DTV Resolutions 480p/720p/1080i user selectable switch
  Package Contents Infrared Remote Control 
RS232/Serial port for service/maintenance with cable
  Warranty 1 year warranty
User Manual
New Firmware
  Update info: Needed only for units before 1/2004.  Correct scheduled recording time on firewire port
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