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Manufacturer : R2DI
Model : IR500P 
MSRP : $259
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Infrared Transceiver IR500 PCI card 

The IR500P PCI card is a full featured, full learning Infrared (IR) Transceiver that allows a personal computer to control virtually any IR appliance including VCR's, DVD's, DSS's, Stereo Surround Sound Systems and other common IR devices.

The IR500 is heuristic device that can learn any IR remote. Simply point the desired IR remote toward the front of the unit, depress each key on the remote, and the IR500 will learn and store the exact IR profile of each key to your PC's hard drive. There is no limitation to the number of IR remotes the IR500 can learn and store.

Once an IR remote profile is learned and stored, a simple software interface enables your PC to send the appropriate IR "data packet", command to the IR500. The IR500 converts the "data packet" into the signal necessary to control the given appliance. Now your PC is in full control of your appliances! The IR500 can also receive IR Signals from handheld remotes, decode the signal and pass them on to the PC in real-time. This means you can launch PC applications, home automation functions, macros for launching multimedia sequences and more, with a handheld remote! The IR500 is a simple device that solves the myriad of IR compatibility and software issues common to home and office automation installations. 

The IR500 comes with Windows and Linux application software to learn, store and transmit IR profiles captured from handheld remotes. It also functions well with standard communications programs such as Hyperterm. 

Key Features:

  • Quick Setup and Easy Operation. Facilitates software integration.
  • IR500P uses our advanced IR-OEM Core V.2 Technology.
  • Frequency Agile - Can emulate most remotes operating between (10KHz - 250KHz).
  • Bi-directional - IR signals can be received and transmitted to and from the PC.
  • Highly Defined Data Packets - Includes 'Modulation Frequency', 'Bit Timing', 'Function', 'Emitter Port' and 'Probe Channel'.
  • High Performance - Over 20' range & "Ultra-Monochromatic" IR detectors for use with fluorescent lighting environments.
  • Easy Integration - Requires no special software drivers and can easily be integrated to application software.

Hardware Features and Connectivity:

  • One (1) Jack for a narrow-band external IR receiver to receive IR signals from a hand held IR remote.
  • A visible LED showing transmission or receipt of IR data.
  • Four (4) Ports that can be configured in software as either External IR Emitter Ports - For connecting an "External IR Emitter Cable", or as External State Probe Inputs - For connecting an "External Status Probe".
  • Connectivity - Industry Standard PCI Buss interface.



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