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Connecting the PC HDTV Video Card to your Digital TV

Following are the connection options according to your display device inputs:

Configuration #1 - HDTV with RGB inputs or PC monitor.  Connect the loop-back cable to your HDTV card, and connect your monitor cable to your monitor or HDTV.  Some HDTV sets with RGB inputs often require VGA to RGBHV (5BNC or 5RCA) cable. 

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Configuration #2 - HDTV with DTV Component (Y-Pb-Pr) input.  Configuration #2 displays seperate connections to a computer monitor and HDTV card.  In this configuration, the output of the HDTV will be set to Y-Pb-Pr output accessed through the setup menu.  VGA to Component breakout cable is required.   The PC desktop will be displayed on the monitor, and the HDTV broadcast can be viewed on you HD-Ready TV.  Please note, when in full screen HDTV mode, you desktop will not be functional. 

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Configuration #3 - HDTV with DTV Component (Y-Pb-Pr) input.  This configuration displays both PC desktop and HDTV HD via the Y-Pb-Pr input with the use of a VGA to Component transcoder.  In this configuration, the look-back cable is used with the PC resolution set to 640x480 or 960x540 @ 60Hz.   Note that the use of a transcoder will result in overscan of the PC desktop screen on your HDTV.  To correct this problem, you must set custom timings with third party software such as PowerStrip.  For more information on how to connect your PC to your TV, see Wayne Harrelson's Guide to PowerStrip.

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AccessDTV users - Windowed overlay image will appear on your desktop.
HiPix DTV-200 users - No overlay window.  Switch to full-screen for HDTV image.



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