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M-Audio Delta 24/96 Series Sound Card Troubleshooting

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Thank you for purchasing your M-Audio Delta Series sound card from Digital Connection.  To ensure the best out-of-the-box user experience, we have compiled the following guide to assist you setting up your M-Audio 24/96 sound card for use in home entertainment.  We hope you will find information from our test lab to be useful in setting up the ultimate Home Theater PC (HTPC).   

Supported sound cards:

Delta Dio 24/96 Features:  S/PDIF in/out, Toslink in/out, Analog Left+Right out.  Advantage: Use of Toslink when two digital sources are present in the same system.

Audiophile 24/96 Features: S/PDIF in/out, Analog L+R in/out, midi in/out.  Advantage, can receive analog source input and pass-thru.   Has midi capability. 

Delta 1010 Features: External DAC, 8 analog in/out, S/PDIF in/out, Toslink in/out, midi in/out.  Advantage : Direct analog out to speakers. 

Delta 410 Features:  S/PDIF I/O, Analog L+R In, Analog 8-Channels out. 

Latest Drivers and info for Delta Series sound cards
M-Audio Control Panel Setup
Windows .WAV file playback
Enabling CD Playback without internal cables
Enabling S/PDIF output in PowerDVD
Stuttering with VIA Chipset based Athlon Machines

For more extensive information on the Delata series sound cards, please visit M-Audio FAQ

Questions regarding Audiophile  24/96 installation and set-up, please e-mail us.

Questions pertaining professional use of the M-Audio, please visit http://www.midiman.com


   Questions?   E-mail us!  

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