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M-Audio Delta Series Sound Card Control Panel Setup

Overview of the Delta 24/96 Control Panel

This section deals with the default settings after installation, and the recommended changes for proper operation of DVD and CD Playback.

Monitor Mixer

Uncheck mute in all Mixer Inputs. Check Stereo Gang.


No changes required for Dolby Digital/DTS pass thru. 
For analog output, check Monitor Mixer on HW Out 1/2.

Hardware Settings

Uncheck Reset Rate When Idle.


Check consumer for auto switching of Audio-CD/DVD.

Please note that after installation of the M-Audio driver, you must choose the Delta S/PDIF as the output device in Control Panel>Multimedia>Audio (Win98) or Control Panel>Sounds>Audio (WinME) before Windows will recognize the Delta as your digital sound source.


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For more extensive information on the Delata series sound cards, please visit M-Audio FAQ

Questions regarding Audiophile  24/96 installation and set-up, please e-mail us.

Questions pertaining professional use of the M-Audio, please visit http://www.midiman.com


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