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  Fusion HDTV card and software decoder 


Q.  What is FusionHDTV?  
A.  DViCO's FusionHDTV is a total solution of hardware tuner and software decoding that makes up the total HDTV package.  Main features are the ability to record and store Broadcast Transport Streams on the hard disk.  Unlike hardware decoders which have their own output, the FusionHDTV uses the main graphics card overlay output which allows for the use of VGA or DVI.  

Q.  How do you connect it to receive a broadcast?
A.  Where available, over-the-air local programs need an antenna to receive.  Simply connect an antenna coax to the 'RF" input of the HDTV card and scan for signals.  Check with TitanTV for available programming in your local area. 

Q.  What kind of display do I need?  
A.  Because the Fusion HDTV uses the output of your graphics card, a VGA compatible HDTV or PC monitor would be ideal.  For HDTV's with Component (Y-Pb-Pr) input, a transcoder is required for both FusionHDTV and the PC's Windows desktop. 

Q.  Can I get digital audio?  
A.  The FusionHDTV card utilizes the audio output of the system sound card.  Sound card with S/PDIF is recommended for optimal performance.

Q.  What kind of PC do I need?  
A.  Graphic card performance is one of the most important aspects of software decoders.  Following is a compilation of graphics card compliance as provided by DViCO.

nVdia (DxVa mode)
GeForce2,3 DxVA does not work at all. (reboot or hang or strange picture)
GeForce4 Ti series do not have IDCT but only MC (requires faster CPU)
GeForce4 Mx series do have IDCT and MC. (consumes less than 50% cpu cycle with P4 2.4G)

Radeon (DxVA mode)
7200,7200,7500,9000 works similiar even thogh 9000 has better quality at with high Windows resolution like 1920x1080. (all the latest driver is Ok up to 3.2)
8500,9100 reboots or hang with 3.1,3.2 driver (3.0 is ok)
9500,9700 reboots or hang with 3.2 driver (3.0,3.1 is ok)

Using GeForce4 MX or Radeon SDR model may result in stutter and drop frames depending on the CPU, motherboard, OS combination. DDR model is recommended

Full software mode will work fine once you have 2.4G or faster CPU.

Q.  Can I schedule a recording like a VCR?  
A.  Yes, scheduling can be done using TitanTV.

Q.  How much hard disk space is required to record HDTV?  
A.  ATSC signals require 8.7GB per hour. 

Q.  Can I watch standard definition (NTSC) TV?  
A.  Yes.  The card will tune to analog TV or cable.  The output can be scaled to the HDTV singals of 720p or 1080i. 

Q.  Will it scale the S-Video and Composite inputs?  
A.  For FusionHD II and above, the NTSC video inputs will be scaled to the resolution of the PC overlay resolution.

Q.  Can I record premium (encrypted) cable or satellite HD programs?  
A.  No.  All HDTV card "stores" high-def signals in their raw data form and decodes the signal during playback.  Since Cable and Satellite services do not use same modulation format, their signals require dedicated tuners, and once decoded, cannot be routed to the input of the HDTV PC cards.  

Q.  Can I record analog TV?  
A.  No.  

Q.  Can I create screen captures?  
A.  Yes.

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