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Product : MyHD MDP-100 MDP-120 and MDP-130 HDTV Cards
Driver/Application Version : 1.66.1
Description : Final Release with QAM (MDP-130 only) tuning

What's new in this version 1.66E

-The install package of v1.66 also includes the drivers for the MyHD card and the MyHD USB IR receiver, and you can install the application and the drivers using this package at once.

- Closed captioning is supported. Both the DTV caption (EIA-708) and NTSC caption (EIA-608) data can be decoded. You can enable the closed captioning in the CC setup tab or by pressing the CAPTION button of the IR remote.

Download File Description Size Driver Update 1,443.KB MyHD Program, card and remote driver 6,289KB
MyHD_Manual_v1.65.1E.pdf MyHD User Manual 3,948KB

Previous changes

MyHD driver v1.66 Changes 

You can install, update or uninstall the drivers using the auto-install utility "MyHD_DrvInst.exe" in the driver directory.

- Closed captioning is supported.
- The sub-channel only recording is performed with constant bitrate.

What's new in this version 1.65.2

The install package of v1.65.2 includes the drivers for the MyHD card and the MyHD USB IR receiver allowing one step installation of all components.

- Fixed problem tuning to an analog channel which is not in the channel list, it is regarded as a digital channel even though it is tuned as an analog channel. In this case, the channel is displayed as NO SIGNAL and muting the audio does not work.

- Corrected problem tuning to a digital channel not tuning properly if it is not in the channel list.

- Fixed driver problem of the inability of MyHD to switch to a different type of audio stream from the audio selection menu because the mixed audio type was not taken into account in the driver.

- The MyHD application lists AC-3 audio streams only in the audio
selection menu in the last version.  MPEG, AAC, DTS also will be included and the stream type of the audio will be displayed in the audio selection menu in this version.

- Fixed the lack of audio type in the OSD and control panel when MPEG audio type used.

- Fixed displaying of incorrect audio type n the control panel when no audio
was available.

What's new in previous version 1.65.1

1.  New TitanTV interface for cable channels.

This feature is to overcome the problem of not being able to extract program guide/virtual channel data from a cable system and to build a digital virtual channel list that will match the high numbers used for digital cable channels in your service area by extracting virtual channel data from TitanTV.

It is highly recommended that you perform a new (clean) QAM channel scan after installing this software and before using TitanTV Guide the first time. Go to TitanTV and setup the digital channel guide for your cable service provider.

NOTE: Because this software uses a higher bit depth for channel numbers you must perform a new (clean) channel scan for both 8VSB and QAM channels. Your old channel scans and FAV channels list will not work properly with this software and will cause other problems like not adding recording to the file play list.

Select one of the high numbered digital channels that is unencrypted and select the “Record” button. A new TitanTV Helper Application will open that will show the high virtual channel number and a drop down menu labeled “Active Channel”. From the Active Channel menu select the physical (RF) major and sub channel that corresponds to the virtual channel selected from TitanTV.

Select OK to add the reservation capture to the schedule and the helper app will pop-up the following dialog;

“ Do you want to update the virtual channel number of the selected channel?
Then the channel will be selected automatically next time.”

Selecting “Yes” will add the new virtual channel number to the existing channel list. Schedule a recording for all unencrypted channels will build a virtual channel list that matches your cable provider and be displayed on the OSD and Control Panel. After adding a virtual channel by scheduled recording you can delete the recording from the Reservation Capture list.

2. Sub Channel Recording

This is a user selectable option (Capture Setup tab > Capture Mode > Detail Options > Capture Sub Channel Only check box) to record only the tuned sub-channels reducing data transfer bandwidth and storage space and also enables D-VHS tape recording of QAM channels.

NOTE: TimeShift does not currently supported sub channel recording.

This is a temporary test feature until MIT and company are finished with more advanced code to overcome shortcomings of simplistic transport stream stripping. This version may not properly display the correct recorded program time for variable bit rate (VRB) streams that do not comply with the ATSC standards. If the TS bitrate is not consistent over the stream (CBR), MyHD is not supposed to do FF/REW because the amount of jump cannot be determined properly. For this software MIT has enabled FF/REW for non-CBR streams so your time jumps will be somewhere in the ballpark within the incorrect clock time. In a later version MIT will add sub channel recording with CBR.

NOTE: All MPEG2 video encoders are VBR and some vary more than others. Fox-HD varies the most so you will have bigger displayed time errors and may have problems recording to D-VHS tape.

Feature change:

The OSD EPG has been changed to display any transmitted guide data for all channels in the FAV Channel list regardless of Antenna input. Some cable systems may include guide data for retransmitted OTA channels (and some don’t) so now guide data from both will be displayed.

The OSD EPG now displays the antenna input for the selected channel in addition to the channel VCN (virtual channel number) such as (1) 12-1 or (2) 378, assuming cable is on Ant2.

Actions within the OSD EPG have changed when pressing the OK button. When called using the Guide button the EPG OSD will open to the tuned sub channel. If you scroll to another channel and press the OK button that channel will be tuned. Another press of the OK button updates the EPG data for that sub channel only




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