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   Configuring D-VHS Tape Player with Firewire Connection on Windows XP


Note:  This installation guide is specific to Windows XP platform.  A firewire card must be installed and properly configured before continuing.  HyperThreading  must be turned off in order to work with a tape device with MyHD.

Installation of a Firewire based D-VHS tape deck requires the forced installation of JVC Tape Device driver.  This driver will work with both JVC and Mitsubishi tape players.  We have not tested tape players from any other manufacturers.

The following image captures have been clipped to minimize download time.

First step - connect your tape player to your firewire card and follow :

When the cable is connected from the tape deck to your IEEE 1394 Firewire card, Windows will start an Hardware Installation Wizard.    

When completed, you should see the following entry in your Device Manager

Config Panel should now reflect the Tape Device

Configuration when recording to Tape Device.

To access the Tape Device for playback, choose "Tape" as input and use your UI or remote control..  





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