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     MyHD HDTV Tuner Card Troubleshooting


My computer won't boot-up after installing MyHD.

MyHD is not compatible with older motherboards that does not support PCI 3.3V, also specified as PCI 2.2 compliance.  Please check with you motherboard manuals or manufacturer for specifications or check this chipset table from the Asus Germany page.

MyHD HDTV signal will not sync to my digital display (LCD or DLP).

Some digital panels are not HDTV compliant (720p/1080i) and will report "No Signal" when presented with HDTV.  To correct this, you may want to run in the 1024x768 or 720x480 fullscreen output mode from MyHD.  Check with your monitor/projector manufacturer for the HDTV compatibility.

MyHD wont' display 720p on my HDTV.

Most HDTV displays on the market today are not 720p capable.  Check with the manufacturer or your user manual for compatibility.

MyHD application reports older drivers in Windows XP.

Windows XP contains an older digitally signed driver for MyHD.  To update the drivers, choose that you want to specify location of the drivers, and do not search for the best drivers as this will result in Windows defaulting to the older signed drivers.  See left column for link to the latest drivers.





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