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   MyHD DVD Decoding and Playback

Can MyHD play DVD disks?

MyHD is not licensed by the DVD Working Group to decode CSS encrypted DVD disks, but  will play  not encrypted disks.  The decoded DVD video is up-converted by the MyHD card to resolution chosen for the output connection.  

Once the MyHD application is installed, the hardware information should be displayed in the Device Setup.

DVD video ripped to the hard disk should be played using "File" mode.  Note that same restrictions on CSS encryption applies to copied data.

There are current several third party software applications that will allow you to access encrypted DVD disks such as AnyDVD and DVD Region Free.

Full DVD navigation feature will be available in the next planned release V1.63.  This version is available now as Beta 3 and currently undergoing final tests on voluntary basis.


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