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   Cliff Watson EPG Project

The MyHD user community has has been going four years strong with the guidance of Cliff Watson in charge of interfacing with his friend and colleague at Macro Image Technology to continually improve the performance and function of the most popular HDTV card to date.  The community lost our friend Cliff last year to illness, and rallied in his dedication to carry on his favorite hobby.  

The team of programmers assembled with the goal of introducing a more robust and intuitive recording method for MyHD, using internet guide service that could be stored and used to populate the on-screen guide (currently limited to that broadcast by the local stations in the form of PSIP) with more extensive data allowing on-screen view as well as "season pass" type scheduling common in today's DVR devices.  

We are very proud to introduce the CW-EPG by the CW Development team.  The new CW-EPG is in the first Beta form, but we trust you find the application will become indispensable component of the MyHD.  Our gratitude to the group who worked on the program in the spirit of "open source" for the benefit of every MyHD user.  Cliff would have been honored and proud to be a part of this group of selfless individuals. 

MyHD CW-EPG Project Link and Download 

CW-EPG User discussions at AVS Forum





Network Media Player

New TViX S1 Slim Media Player is the new affordable unit that does it all.  Great file support, good functions with WebRemote and screwless hard drive bay.    
Supports Blu-Ray, MPEG-2, .TS, H.264, .MKV, FLV, RMBV and much more!

TViX S1 Slim

HDCP2.2 Ready "Fixer" 
Key Digital's KD-HDFIX22 offers solutions to variety of problems that can crop up in your HDMI chain.  Try the "fixer" for audio breakout, EDID errors, and compliance to latest HDCP2.2 standard. 

Key Digital KD-HDFIX22 HDCP2.2 ready extender


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