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Hot Key

File Open

Display a file open window

Ctrl + O


Exit from MyHD Program

Ctrl + X

Play and Stop

Play and stop video.  The selected file will be played if a file list is shown in HD mode.  (To view the file list, press "Next" button on the remote control).


Previous File

Play the previous file in the file list   

Ctrl + f

Next File

Play the next file in the file list.

Ctrl + g

Previous File

(Same as "PREV" button on Remote Control).  Open and select the file list in HD mode   

Ctrl + Shift + f

Next File

(same as NEXT button on Remote Control Handset)

Open and select the file list in HD mode

Ctrl + Shift + g

Fast Forward  

Forward the playing file by selected skip time (refer to "File Play Setup").

Shift + g


Backward the playing file by a selected skip time

Shift + f

Number Keys (0~9)

Change a channel using numbers


Move Channels

Change channels in memorized channels.  If "Favorite Channel Mode" is selected, changing channels in favorite channels.




Show information of current state

Ctrl + Enter


Exit from the file list in the HD mode.

Shift + ESC


Press to temporarily cut off the sound.

Ctrl + U


Display available captions (It will be supported in next version)

Ctrl + T


Display the on-screen Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

(It will be supported in next version)

Ctrl + G


Select an analog audio among Stereo, Mono, and Bilingual. If several digital audio signals exist, one of audio will be selected in the order.

Ctrl + A


Display menu on HD mode(It will be supported in next version).

Ctrl + E

Aspect Ratio

Select an aspect ratio among Letter Box, Full and Zoom 

Ctrl + R

HD Mode (Full Screen)

Select the HD or Overlay window mode

Ctrl + H


Stop the play

Ctrl + Space


(same as the REC button on the remote control handset).   Record the current broadcast as "Capture Mode".

Shift + C


Display "Capture Window" to input file name and capture time.

Ctrl + C

Channel Setting

Display "Channel Setting" window to setup channels.

Ctrl + L

Input Mode

Select the input of Antenna1, Antenna2, Composite, S- Video, DVD or Tape(only for Windows XP) in the order

Ctrl + I


Select antenna 1 as input

Ctrl + 1


Select antenna 2 as input

Ctrl + 2


Select Composite as input  

Ctrl + v


Select S-Video as input

Shift+ v


Select an input to play files  

Ctrl + f


Select an input to play DVD

Shift + d


Select an input to interface with a D-VHS device

Ctrl + d

Favorite Channel

Select or cancel the current channel as a favorite channel  

Shfit + M

Sub Channel

Select sub-channels in the order if there are sub-channel on broadcast

Ctrl + S

Previous Channel

Alternate between the current channels and the last channel that was displayed.

Shift + p

Still Image Capture

Capture Still Image

Shift + S

Using Separate Monitor

Select or cancel the settings of separate monitor.  It is the shortcut for "Config Panel/VGA Setup/Using Separate Monitor"

Ctrl + Shift + M

Overlay Window Mode

Display the overlay window on your display device.  It is the shorcut for "Config/VGA/Show Overlay Window".

Ctrl + Shift + O

Video Resolution

Select a resolution by a number.

1. 1920x1080I

2. 1280x720P

3. 720x480P

4. 720x480I

5. 1440x1080I

6. 1024x768P

7. 1360x768P

8. 1280x1024P

9. 800x600P

10. 864x480P

It is the shortcut for Config Panel/AV Setup/Video Resolution.


Next Resolution

Select a next resolution in the order.  It is the shortcut for "Config/AV Setup/Video Resolution".




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