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Please read before proceeding.  Digital Connection is not responsible for the results of the drivers posted on this page.  Use the drivers and utilities at your risk.  To ensure safety of your stored data, it is always highly recommended that you back-up your drive prior to making changes to the hard disk. 

  Video /HDTV Products

ATI Radeon Drivers
Radeon driver index

Dragon Tech ioBox Drivers
ioBox 100HD Download Page

Download demo software with clips or drivers from DVICO's site. tTesting your system with the demo software is highly recommended before you purchase the card.  The FusionHDTV 5 products will operate under both Windows XP and MCE/Vista with BDA support.
Frequently Asked Questions

TVIX Network Media Player
Latest Firmware  Download Page

Latest drivers available at the Immersive website

MyHD MDP-100/120 and 130 HDTV Decoder
V1.66.1 Download Page
Posted 2/27/07   

MDR-200 HDTV Tuner Box
Firmware update fixes scheduled recording problems using Firewire.
Update files and procedures available at Advanced Support

AccessDTV HDTV Decoder
Latest download - Version 2.4 at accessDTV site

Telemann HiPix DTV-200 HDTV Decoder
HiPix User Guide  -   3,166KB
Driver V2.31 Release - HiPix    3,824KB
(Updated 10/21/01)

HiPix 3.0 RC1 from AVS Development Team HiPix 3.0 Final
Visit AVS Forum Home Theater Computer section for more information this release.  

Technical Support and troubleshooting - DiVA Support


  Sound Cards

M-Audio Delta  Series (Delta DIO, 410, Audiophile, and 1010)
Latest M-Audio drivers.  Choose by OS.
Troubleshooting M-Audio installation and setup guide.

WinAmp ASIO Plug-in - - 173KB



PowerDVD Patches
Description -  Upgrade PowerDVD V3.0 for XP/2000 
Fix S/PDIF output for WDM  PDVD3 Patch  
Description - Patch 1228 for PowerDVD XP Deluxe
Adds LFE to DTS surround.  Download 1228 Patch

Dolby Decode Audio Volume Patch - 24400KB

Users of PowerDVD V3.0 can upgrade to PowerDVD XP
Deluxe with DD/DTS Decoding from Cyberlink.  

Description -  PowerStrip by EnTech allows setting and tweaking the graphics card's output signal for custom timings and resolutions.  It is recommended for use with ATI's Radeon to specify a widescreen resolution and to define a compatible resolution for digital TV's that are limited to 480p/1080i.  To run powerstrip, it is necessary to initially use a PC monitor for setup to avoid possible damage to your display.  To download PowerStrip for Windows, please visit   EnTech Taiwan

DVD Genie
Description -  DVD Genie allows you to modify region codes for popular software-based DVD Players including such players as Software Cinemaster, PowerDVD and WinDVD.  It enables undocumented tweaks for these programs to help customize features to suit your needs. DVD Genie will also allow you to select which program runs when a DVD Disc is inserted into the drive and contains support for fullscreen Zooming on widescreen movies with certain players. Download at   Not compatible with RCE disks.

LCD Smartie
  Description - LCD Smartie will communicate and configure LCD/VFD panels.  Used often with HTPC cases,  plug-ins are available with various programs for on-screen text display.  Download LCD Smartie.

LiteOn Airboard -  Universal Remote Manager for Windows -
Airboard Manager for Win9x, NT, Win2000, WinMe and XP


Symantec Ghost
Descrioption - Ghost is a powerful back-up and restore utility used to protect your data.  To safeguard your hard disk for easy recovery after system crash, it is highly recommended for use in the Windows environment especially if you frequently download and change your PC's configuration.  Ghost now supports back-up to your CD-Recordable.  To download Ghost, please visit Symantec.



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