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With a long history and background in the high-end audio/video industry, Digital Connection has been a pioneer of many "first" PC based multimedia products and systems for convergence into home theater and entertainment market.  Our focus on the first home theater PC's (HTPC) as well as products to receive the first HDTV signals for recording to hard drives and later to media boxes, we've spent decades wowing the tech hobbyist and early adopters community.   Our history is entertwined with the first DVDs, first HDVT recorders, and Digital Media Players, always with eye on perfect presentation from the cables to the displays and everything in between.


Digital Connection and RKR Video, the hifi-centric computers designed and built specifically for the home theater market started with the introduction of 3DFusion DVD, the first true progressive scan DVD player that started the Home Theater PC (HTPC) revolution in 1998.  Early adopters catapulted the concept of PC based video player into the home theater community that prompted variety of articles by industry veterans in magazines and web sites such as Cybertheater, Anandtech, Home Theater Magazine, The Perfect Vision, Widescreen Review, and Stereophile.  The breakthrough convergence of the PC to the home theater market triggered continuous string of PC based A/V products that changed how video was recorded and stored.  Digital Connection introduced to the US market, the first HDTV PC tuner/capture cards in 2000 and variety of video converters that allows professionals and hobbyists alike to extract additional functions and performance out of their equipment. 

   Digital Connection in the News


".....seems ludicrous to seriously compare a $300 PC add-on DVD player to some of the world's best, and very expensive, home theater equipment...."
Cybertheater - Greg Rogers

Bill Cruce Reviews the RKR Video Cassini, based on Digital Connection's 3DFusion DiVA processor.  Issue 28 of The Perfect Vision

3DFusion DVD player article by Christy Warren.  The Perfect  Vision

"Truly progressive scan PC DVD player--MPACT2--WOW! 
Christy's review on newsgroups

"Thanks to a small computer company in Huntington Beach, California, we may not have to wait indefinitely.........The progressive player also had better color detail than the line doubled system. Transitions between color borders on test patterns were as sharp as I've ever seen them......"
Home Theater Magazine - Mike Wood

A Home Theater Happening - With over 10,000 attendees and over 100 exhibits, the Home Theater Expo and Sale was history's biggest gathering of home theater enthusiasts. Here's a candid conversation with our editors about the best the show had to offer.   
Home Theater Magazine Feb 1999 issue - Brent Butterworth

Widescreen Review Interviews Reggie Romswinckel, Director of Sales and Marketing at Digital Connection.  
Widescreen  Review

Widescreen Review lists RKR Video Cassini as reference DVD Player

Stereophile features the DCPro 24/96 sound card from Digital Connection in the 6/5/2000 Audio News on-line edition.
Stereophiles Magazine

TI leads in defining the future of interactive digital entertainment for the Home Market 1/25/01  CompleteTV will see first-ever melding of High Definition broadcasting and Internet-based content.  "The system comes equipped with the necessary High Definition capability and PC interfaces to enable it to act as a multi-functional screen capable of simultaneously delivering outstanding quality video and high resolution graphics. The complete system will include a high performance broadband 'entertainment computer', integrated by RKR Video of Huntington Beach California, a company specializing in state-of-the art video and graphics for personal computers in home theater applications...



We continue to offer innovative and unique audio/video products and accessories.  Since we opened our store in Southern California in 1997, we offer personal before and after sale support on every product we sell, with extensively knowledgeable sales and tech support.  We specialize in automated electronic homes and commercial audio/video equipment.  We also specialize in fiber optic video cables for medical, video signage, and architectual industries.    




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