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Key Digital KD-HDFIX22 HDMI Extender with HDCP 2.2


Key Digital Champion RedMere® Cables 
The best certified and tested commercial cables from Key Digital now features RedMere® Technology with support for UltraHD 4K, 3D, up to 600Hz, and Audio Return Channel. 
Champion ProK UltraHD HDMI RedMere® Cables

Other Key Digital Champion HDMI Cables
Champion Residential HDMI VW1 Cables
Champion Commercial HDMI CL3/FT4 UL Cables

Key Digital Champion UltraHD Redmere HDMI Cable 
Key Digital HDBT HDMI Extenders

Fiber Optic Cable Guide

Need the most reliable digital cable (DVI/HDMI/SDI) solution?  Have a noisy environment?  Need long distance (up to 12 miles) of lossless picture quality from your Audio/Video equipment or PC?  Learn more about Fiber Optic cabling, the most stable solution with power isolation and no EMI/RF interference.  We offer comprehensive solutions to your cabling needs. 

3D HDMI Product List
Start here on video how to:
Not enough HDMI video inputs?  Add more using a  switch. 
Distribution Amp/Splitter
Send a signal to more than one TV using a Distribution Amp.
Matrix Switch
Send and control multiple video devices to multiple TVs.  Solution for environments like conference rooms and bar/restaurants. 
Video Converters
Need to connect VGA device to HDMI?  DVI device to VGA?  VGA to DVI?  See our solutions.


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