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cliff.gif (7282 bytes)Welcome to Digital Connection's CliffNotes.  Listed below are topics popular "back in the day" of pioneering the Home Theater PC with tips and tweaks to maximize the movie viewing experience.  We thank the contributions by fellow enthusiasts that shared their knowledge freely in user forums and here at our site.  Much has changed and evolved with faster hardware and generations of operating systems.  The contents below may no longer be relevant to today's PC market, but the concept and goal remains the same.  Archived below are some of the best topics discussed by the earliest adopters, which we can be useful in filling in the history of the HTPC.

Many of the topics and products discussed below have been sold at our store at one time, but no longer maybe available.   Mixed in the troubleshooting lists and links to topics of interest are bits of gold that was created with the help of named after the late Cliff R. Watson.  His contribution to the early days are now stuff of legend and spirit lives on with group of free software developers in the form of CW_EPG, in honor of his most prolific contribution, the development of MyHD TV recorder/tuner card.   


  Index of Cliffnotes


How to play MyHD and Avel Link Network DVD Player
Step by step instructions on how to setup both for playing back HDTV files - by Terry Peterson

MyHD FAQ and troubleshooting
Frequently asked questions about MyHD MDP-100 HDTV PC Card and installation troubleshooting. 

Wayne's Excellent guide to PowerStrip Custom T&R
Pre-defined resolutions and timings as well as insights into using EnTech's PowerStrip.  A must-read for rear projection owners. - by Wayne Harrelson

Guide to connecting HDTV PC card to your Digital TV
Connection diagrams for HDTV PC tuner cards based on TeraLogic's Janus hardware.

HTPC Audio "Everything you ever wanted to know about jitter but were afraid to ask"
One question that comes up daily is "aren't bits just bits?"   Here's a good primer on Digital Audio and the artifact called jitter.  By Bob Katz at Digital Domain.

FAQ on M-Audio's Delta DIO and Audiophile 24/96
Troubleshooting and user's guide to the Delta series digital sound cards.

Guide to Scope Calibration of GeForce Graphics Card
Step by step guide to scope calibrating GeForce based system - by Cliff Watson

FAQ on MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 compression
Motion Estimation, Discrete Cosine Transformation, Macroblocks and other MPEG information translated into plain English - by Cliff Watson

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