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Important Notices:

Any Key Digital Systems, Inc. products that have been purchased from an UNAUTHORIZED dealers (Including, but not limited to - traditional retailer, mail order outlet, or online dealer) OR if the original factory serial number has been removed, defaced or replaced in any way WILL NOT be honored or serviced under the existing Key Digital Systems, Inc. warranty policy.

Key Digital Systems, Inc. does NOT authorize any of its dealers to sell new products on eBay. Key Digital Systems, Inc.'s agreements with its dealers prohibit sales on eBay. Accordingly, Key Digital Systems, Inc. does not offer its limited manufacturer's warranty or rebates for products purchased from any dealers on eBay.

Key Digital Systems, Inc. is aware of numerous instances in which such serial number tampering has occurred. Serial numbers may be altered by unauthorized dealers and/or their suppliers in an attempt to prevent manufacturers from tracing the supplier source. Key Digital Systems, Inc. sells premium products only through authorized retail and online channels to insure that Key Digital Systems, Inc. customers obtain quality pre-sale and after-sale support and service. After you have purchased any Key Digital Systems, Inc. product, check the unit and its packaging to determine whether the factory serial number may have been altered.

If you suspect your Key Digital Systems, Inc. product has an altered serial number call Key Digital Systems, Inc. at (888) 258-2028

Customer Information
Key Digital products are ONLY sold through a network of authorized distributors. Authorized Key Digital distributors have the knowledge and training to supply you with Key Digital products that best meet your needs. Key Digital factory warranty is only valid on products purchased from an authorized Key Digital distributor or dealer. Our factory warranty is void if you purchase a Key Digital product from unauthorized distributor or dealer.
  • Do NOT purchase a Key Digital product with a serial number that has been removed, defaced or changed.
  • Do NOT purchase a Key Digital product from an unauthorized online reseller.
  • Key Digital recommends that you verify if the dealer you're considering is an authorized Key Digital dealer by contacting our sales representative in your area. This is especially important when considering purchasing Key Digital products over the Internet.
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