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Cliff Watson


cliff.gif (7282 bytes)Hard to believe that it has been nearly a decade since the first blips of HTPC's (home theater PCs) registered on the radar of the Audio/Video world.  From the early heady days, it seemed the most memorable events all seems to have Cliff in the picture.  One of the most colorful and vocal pioneers, my friend Cliff Watson together with ragtag denizens of AVS Forum bonded as we rode the wave to the best audio and video that everyone could afford.  His unique character and insight helped span the bridge from the old traditional analog world to the new digital technology that brought our goals within the reach.  The friendship and knowledge he shared has come and gone, but his spirit lives on as the community carries forth his vision, always seeking the highest image and sound performance.  He was a force unto his own, forever testing, tweaking, communicating, teaching, contributing, his labor of love always delivered with large doses of the corniest jokes that made you laugh inside if not out.    

Cliff will be remembered by the circle of enthusiasts for his contributions at various public forums especially his favorite hangout, AVS's Home Theater PC Forum.  Love him or hate him, and it wasn't difficult if you were in the path of his rant, Cliff was always aware of the conversation, and possessed ability to absolutely examine every detail of his argument honestly.  Cliff was funny, smart, active, accomplished, and so many things that cannot easily be expressed, he will be missed.




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