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Product: Video Cable
Manufacturer : IXOS
Model : XHD408 Digital Coax/Composite Video 75 Ohm Cable 


Digital Coax S/PDIF RCA Interconnect or Composite Video

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Designed with specially formulated crystal structure copper, highly efficient and accurate signal transfer is ideal for DVD.  Tight 75 Ohm design parameters and high quality material for accurate imaging and staging.  PC-OFC braid and AI-Mylar wrap for noise rejection, Enamel Hard Gold Plated.

Key Features : 

  • RCA Digital Coax S/PDIF 75Ohm Cable for PCM/DD/DTS Decoders

  • Composite Video Cable 

  • PC-OFC braid and AI Mylar wrap provide great noise reduction

  • High-Tech enamel hard gold plated RCA's maximize signal transfer

Connection Type:


    Product Specifications


Gold Plated RCA  
    Wire Pure Crystal Copper 75Ohm
    Warranty 2 Year full replacement warranty
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0.5 Meter (1.6 ft.)
  MSRP $27.49 
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1 Meter (3.2 ft.)
MSRP $29.95 
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2 Meters (6.5 ft.)
MSRP $34.95
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3 Meters (9.8 ft.)
MSRP $39.95
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5 Meters (16.4 ft.)
MSRP $59.95
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