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Manufacturer : Audio Authority
Model : AA1177
MSRP : $159
Our Price : CALL! 
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Signal-Sensing AutoSelector™ Digital Audio Switch

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Model 1177 provides a solution for consumers who need multiple digital audio sources to sound systems with limited audio inputs.  The Model 1177 is a compact switching system which allows the output of 4 digital audio sources to be connected to the digital audio input of a home theater receiver or amplifier.  Additionally, the 1177 accepts both optical signals (TosLink) and coax signals (S/PDIF RCA) and automatically converts them to provide both types of outputs to the sound system, thereby eliminating compatibility problems between products with differing digital connections.

The model 1177 also incorporates proprietary circuitry to monitor the 4 sources connected to it for the presence of a digital signal, and selects the active source automatically.  A manual select button is provided to override the 1177's automatic selection.


  • Expands the receiver’s digital audio capacity

  • Automatically selects the active audio input

  • Converts optical and coaxial signals automatically


   Product Specifications


4 S/PDIF Digital Coax
4 Toslink Optical
    Outputs 1 S/PDIF Digital Coax
1 Toslink Optical
    Warranty 1 Year full replacement warranty


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