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Manufacturer : Digital Connection
Product: Fiber Optic HDMI Tx/Rx Modules/cable HDCP Compliant
Description : HDMI and IR Fiber Optic Modules single LC fiber
Model : F6500
MSRP : $1299
Our Price :  Discontinued.

HDMI Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver Modules with IR

Delivering HDMI digital video and audio over long distances can pose a challenge, and limitations of copper cabling are well documented.  Reliable and accurate over long distances and impervious to electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency (RFI) interferences, there is simply no comparison to the stability of fiber for video delivery.  The F6500 features single cable solution that utilizes industry standard LC type connector for use with already in-wall or off-the shelf fiber cables in addition to various optional specialty cables for commercial installations.

Optical fiber provides for complete isolation of the display from the rest of the system. This eliminates any chance of ground loops so common in many home theater installations. The difference in image clarity has to be experienced to be believed!

The F6500 HDMI modules support HDCP for use with today's Blu-Ray and other HDMI compliant devices with IR port.

Features :

  • Plug and Play passes CEC, EDID, and HDCP.
  • Signal re-clocking, no TMDS extension to minimize skew
  • Uses single strand of standard LC type multi-mode fiber
  • Uses USB power supply (mini USB>USB cable included)
  • Proven optical module reliability : TELCORDIA GR-468
  • Secure data without RFI/EMI emission or loss of video quality
  • Complies with class 1M laser eye safety in compliance with FDA/CDRH and IEC 60825-1
  • Provides complete electrical isolation - no ground loops
  • Ideal for medical instruments and airplanes.

Applications :

  • Video wall System
  • Large LED Sign Board
  • Medical Imaging Equipment
  • Airplane On-board Video System
  • Home Theater
  • TV Broadcast Station
  • Auditoriums and sport stadiums
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Conference Room Video Equipment
    Product Specifications


HDMI Port, LC Fiber Receptacle
    Distance Up to 1000 ft.
    Resolution 1920x1200/1080 @ 60Hz
    Dynamic EDID Plug and Play, no programming necessary
    Operating Voltage 5DVC
    Operating Temperature 0C to +50C
    Dimensions 40mm W x 56mm D x 14.5mm H
F6000 DVI
  LC Type Fiber Optic Cables
  Special order on lengths up to 500 ft. 
  Orange Simplex

Single-wire fiber for in-wall installation.
30 Meter  (100 ft.)
$119.00    Add to Cart 
60 Meter  (200 ft.)
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90 Meter  (300 ft.)
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150 Meter  (500 ft.)
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Indoor/Outdoor and Plenum available
Call for custom lengths up to 1,000 ft.
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Volume purchase discounts offered
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