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Product Specifications: Cable
Manufacturer : Key Digital
MSRP : $249

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Key Digital DVI-D Dual Link Cable M/M 30ft. Cable

Need a long DVI cable run for your high resolution DVD or HDTV signals?  Long distance runs can be problematic for most cables using high-definition video, but Key Digital cables go the distance.  Ideal for plasmas and front projectors based home theaters.  


Key Features : 

• More and more you’ll deal with equipment supporting “DVI” in your home theater and other custom installations. Key Digital Systems has DVI ports on many of our state-of-the-art products, like HD Leeza, HD Hanna, and Digital Blaster.
• DVI is a “Digital Visual Interface” used for all-digital interconnections to digital displays, such as Plasma, LCD flat panel monitors, DLP, and LCD projectors. With DVI, there is no need to convert your video to analog and then back to digital for display, a process which degrades the video image quality.
• You’ll also see “HDCP” associated with High Definition DVI interfaces – the picture quality can be so high across a DVI connection, HDCP is the specification developed to protect digital entertainment content from piracy and locks-out the analog output.
• DVI connectors and cables come in different varieties – be sure to choose the right cable for your application:

– DVI-D is a DIGITAL-ONLY connector, and is the most common type found in today's consumer electronics devices today.

Connection Type:


    Product Specifications


DVI-D Dual Link 
    Length 30 ft. 
    Wire High-density polyethylene and 28 AWG stranded 
silver-plated copper conductors CL2
    Warranty 2 Year full replacement warranty
Adapter for InFocus Projectors
  M1-DA (P&D) Connector type converter.
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DVI Switcher
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