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Product: Video Cable
Manufacturer : Digital Connection


Premium VGA Male to Male Cable

Long distance cabling is no problem with Digital Connection's Premium Grade VGA cables.  Available as Male to Male cables or Male to Female extensions in 15, 25, or 50 feet lengths, the high-quality construction ensure top image quality and fidelity. 

Connection Type:

Use with connectors shown above (opposite of cable)


  Product Specifications
  Connections 15-Pin Male to Male
  DB15 Contacts Gold Flash Plated
  DB15 Insulator PBT, UL 94V-0 Rated
  DB15 Shell Steel + Ground, Tin Plated
  DB15 Mold Metal Can 360" Solder Shield PVC Shell
  Cable #28X3C Coax Wire (Spiral) + #24X4C Wire
AL/Mylar + #24X1C Drain Wire
Braid Coverage 85%
PVC Jacket w/Ferrite Choke
  Warranty One Year Replacement
15 ft.
MSRP $49.95 
  $24.00 Add to Cart
25 ft.
MSRP $69.95
  $29.00 Add to Cart
50 ft.
MSRP $99.95
  $49.00 Add to Cart
VGA Extension Cable

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