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Aluminum Face Callisto Low-Profile Desktop Case

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  Product Information: DCCL3DVD
  Description : Aluminum Callisto™ Silver/Black ATX Desktop Low-Profile Case
   With Toshiba DVD or DVD/CDRW Combo Drive  Installed :
  Discontinued until further notice.

  (Terms and Conditions : All sales for this item is final)

Re-define HTPC with Callisto™ Silver/Black A/V Case

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Designed from the ground up, the look of the Callisto™ complements Home Theater like no other case.   Home Theater enthusiasts, here's your opportunity to update that PC to a true HTPC. 

The Callisto™Chassis

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The Callisto™ case, first and foremost, was chosen to take advantage of the ATX standard to ensure upgradability.  The Callisto™ low-profile case accommodates off-the-shelf full-size cards available for the Windows based PC, utilizing industry-standard form factor. The power supply is 300W Pentium 4 ready.

The Callisto™ Face

face_rear.jpg (19098 bytes)

Beauty may only be skin deep but the Callisto™ won't disappoint.  Handsome and elegant, the solid aluminum plate is sculpted by a craftsmen and an artist.  Painstakingly engineered specs and finish was coordinated by the most discriminating machinist.  Second bay (5.25" bay) is exposed for IR keyboard device.

Case Type Desktop (Low-Profile)
Form Factor ATX
Bays 1 x DVD-ROM bay
1 x 5.25" Drive Bay Internal
3 x 3.5" Drive Bay Internal
Power Supply UL  Approved 300W P4 Compliant
Proprietary Form Factor
Dimensions 5 9/16" (H) x 17 5/16" (W) x 17 1/8" (D)
Weight 35 lbs.  (50 lbs. Dimensional)

All sales are final.  Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
This case is not available without drive.  This case is not compatible with HiPix. 
Warranty for components : 1 Year (Includes power supply and DVD-ROM drive)


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