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Manufacturer : Arisetec (Formerly Kanam)
Model : HT-400S / HT400B
MSRP : $299

Black Aluminum Desktop Case with VFD and iMon Remote

HT-400 HTPC Case Side View        HT-400 HTPC Case  
HT-400 HTPC Case       
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Arisetec Accent HT400 is a popular Aluminum HTPC case that has the look and feel of Hi-Fi equipment.  Sleek and stylish case is full size ATX to accommodate standard sized components.  Brushed aluminum finish ensures that your case looks great in your stereo rack.  The latest feature includes the integration of SoundGraph's iMon Remote control to the VFD window to allow simple navigation of Windows.  Available with all the features at one price, the Accent VFD and iMon is the ultimate HTPC case.     



iMon Software :

iMON Manager
You can add or remove the remote controller and edit the remote controller settings on the main window of iMON Manager. Also you can add the applications that you want to control by remote controller and edit the keyboard shortcut command of each application through this iMON Manager main window. And there are lots of options that would be helpful to use the remote controller on the Windows.

Application Launcher
Application Launcher is the useful function that you could run the special application that you want, you may execute the media application through the XP style launcher. You can add and remove the application, shortcut, and even the files that you want to launch using the remote controller. Press the remote controller button that is assigned for 'Run Application Launcher'.

Task Switcher
'Task Switcher' is similar to [ALT]+[TAB] keyboard command that you use to activate other application while using another application. This window shows the application icons currently running in the Windows. Use arrow button to select the application that you want, and press the 'Enter' button.

All-Time Controll Window
Basically, iMON Manager can control the application that is active. So if you want to control 'Windows Media Player' while 'WinAMP' is active, you have to activate 'Windows Media Player' first using 'iMON Task Switcher. But you can use the "All-Time Control Mode" in order to control the specific application regardless of the current active state of the application.


Virtual Keyboard
iMON Manager includes the Virtual Keyboard function in order to help you type the alphabet on your application. Basically, the character input method is similar in manner to use the mobile phone dial pad. In order to input the alphabet character that you want, please locate the cursor on the text input field and execute the "Application Launcher". And select the "iMON Virtual Keyboard" on the "Application Launcher".

Monitor Resolution Changer
You can change your monitor resolution with remote controller. If you run the 'Monitor Resolution Changer' command using remote controller, you may see the all monitor resolution list of your monitor. Then, please select the monitor resolution that you want.


  Case Type Standard Size Desktop Case
  Form Factor ATX 
  VFD Type Parallel 
  Bays 1 x 5.25" External
1 x 5.25" Internal
3 x 3.5" Internal
  Dimensions 6" (H) x 17"(W)  x 16" (D) 
  Weight 25 lbs.  (Dimensional weight for shipping is 32lbs.)
Black Case
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Silver Case
Download LCD Smartie
  Used to turn on and program the VFD
Installation Guide
  How to assemble and operate the VFD and iMon Remote
Drive Compatibility
  Optical drives that fit in the HT400 case:
LG - Most models
Samsung-Most models
NEC ND2500

Order components with case and we'll install it for you.
Moneual Power Supply
P1000-400 400W    
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P1000-500 500w
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