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Manufacturer : Soundgraph
Model : IMON Inside Black or Silver
MSRP : $89
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iMon Remote 3.5" External Bay USB IR Receiver 

SoundGraph's new iMon Inside Remote now features a receiver that can be installed in the 3.5" bay of your PC.  The iMon Pad Remote with USB interface can now be installed internally to your PC with black or silver finish for a clean integrated look.  Unlike your typical remotes, the iMON lets you toggle between open application on the screen in addition to using button such as left/right/double click, application launcher, application exit, etc.  This USB based remote control comes with preset for programs such as Power DVD, WinDVD, Windows Media Player, etc.  Booting your PC is now simple as pushing the "on" button, and shutting down is just as easy.  Boasting an line-of-sight range of over 45ft., the iMon is perfect for PowerPoint presentations and other applications where use of the mouse is optimal.  

Key Buying Points:

  • Including most advanced media center, Multi-Median which plays DVD, Video, Music, Picture Slide show, TV and Digital Camcoder.

  • Powerful Media Database and its management by remote controller.

  • Perfect Control of popular music, DVD, Movie Players using a remote controller.

  • Powerful Mouse Functions with smooth and precise mouse cursor movements.

  • Convenient setup wizard application of iMON Remote Controller with hot-key setting.

  • Useful system command like PC Power On/Off, Screen Saver Activation, Timer, Alarm, Application Launcher, Task Switcher, All Time Control and Macro.

  • Wireless remote control of PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Excellent IR signal receiving sensitivity up to 15 meter distance and 45░angle in any direction.

iMon Software :

  Remote Control iMON PAD Remote 
  Transmission Mode  Infrared
  Power Two AAA batteries
  Connector USB internal connections
  Dimensions iMON Inside Receiver: 101x101x25 mm, 
  Range 15 meters (43 ft.) line of sight
+/- 45║ vertical and horizontal
  Certifications CE, FCC, MIC


Available Colors
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  CALL!        Add to Cart
iMon Station

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iMon Ultra Bay
iMon Knob
Software Download
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