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Manufacturer : Soundgraph
Model : IMON 2.4G LT RF USB Receiver
MSRP : $119
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iMon RF Remote with USB 2.4GHz Receiver 

SoundGraph's new iMon RF remote features 2.4GHz radio frequency at up to 30 meter range through walls and other barriers.  The USB Receiver is ideal for use with laptops for presentations, big screen home entertainment PC (HTPC), and other situations requiring keyboard free operation.  Featuring The iMON 2.4G remote controller and USB RF receiver using the unique ID code for use of multiple remote controls and receivers in the same space, and pose no compatibility issue with wireless network and other wireless devices.

iMon 2.4G now offering x64 Beta drivers 

Key Buying Points:

  • Easy to install USB Device

  • Including most advanced media center, Multi-Median which plays DVD, Video, Music, Picture Slide show, TV and Digital Camcoder.

  • Powerful Media Database and its management by remote controller.

  • Perfect Control of popular music, DVD, Movie Players using a remote controller.

  • Convenient setup wizard application of iMON Remote Controller with hot-key setting.

  • Useful system command like Screen Saver Activation, Timer, Alarm, Application Launcher, Task Switcher, All Time Control and Macro.

  • Wireless remote control of PowerPoint Presentation.

  • High RF signal sensitivity and 360 degree direction, 30 meter (100 ft) range.

Remote Features:

1.  App. Exit : Closing the active window or Closing iMEDIAN. [ALT]+[F4]
2.  Eject
: Open/Close CD or DVD ROM tray
3.  Power
: Turn On/Off the system.
(Turn on feature is only supported at iMON 2.4G DT model)
4.  App. Launcher
: Running Application Launcher. Easiest way to run application.
5.  MODE
: show the current MODE status. Green light means navigation mode, and red light means the playback control mode. You can change the mode by pushing this button.
6.  Task Switcher
: Running Task Switcher, select the application window among the running applications.
7.  Back
: Go back to the previous view of iMEDIAN.
8.  Select
: Select/unselect the media file/folder on the iMEDIAN playlist.
9.  iSTICK
: UP (Next), Down (Previous), Right (FF), Left (Rewind) and Enter (Play / Pause)
10. VOL/CH
: VOL - / +, CH - / + (stop / pause)
11.  Mute
: Mute the system volume.
12.  Menu
: Windows menu button, and brings the menu on the iMEDIAN.
13.  iMEDIAN (Quick Launch)
: Running iMEDIAN (Quick Launch Application). If you hold long time, you can select the Quick Launch Application.
14.  Following buttons functions:
NUM 1 (My Music), NUM 2 (My Video), NUM 3 (My Photo),
(Bookmark on My Video),
(Thumbnail on My Video),
(Full Screen on My Video), NUM 7 (My DVD),
(Aspect Ratio on My Video), NUM 9 (My TV),
(Caption on My DVD), Shift+TAB (Menu on My DVD) and
(Lang on My DVD)


iMon Software :

  Remote Control iMON 24G RF Remote 
  Transmission Mode  Radio Frequency
  Power Two AAA batteries
  Connector USB internal connections
  Dimensions iMON Inside Receiver: 101x101x25 mm, 
  Range 15 meters (43 ft.) line of sight
+/- 45 vertical and horizontal
  Certifications CE, FCC, MIC
Software Download
  Link to the latest application version


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