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Manufacturer : Audio Authority
Model : 9A60
MSRP : $129
Our Price :  Discontinued....See KD-VP800

VGA to Component (Y-Pb-Pr) Transcoder

9a60.gif (19342 bytes)Audio Authority's 9A60 is a transcoder that convert VGA sources such as some HDTV older VGA only satellite HDTV set-top-boxes and PC signals to Component (Y-Pb-Pr).  Component HD-Ready TVs limit the type of products you can connect to your HDTV but the 9A60 performs a colorspace conversion to enable the use of your HDTV as a PC monitor.  The 9A60 is a visible improvement to using S-video output found in some PC Video cards that send interlaced video signals, which limit the fidelity of the image quality.  Transcoders are ideal solution for PC presentations on big-screen HD-ready TV or other Component only displays.  


How does it work? 

While connecting a 9A60 to an HDTV tuner is simple due to the limited signal frequencies used (1080i or 720p) which are designed to be compatible with the display, connecting a PC requires basic understanding of video frequency rates and the capability of your set to avoid sending dangerously high signals which can damage your set. Check To create custom resolutions that fit your HDTV's frequency range, we recommend using a program such as PowerStrip by Entech.  Please check your HDTV manual for the frequency rate or compatible HDTV signal rates (i.e. 480p, 1080i, 720p) before you proceed with connecting the 9A60 to a PC.  We have linked a Guide to PowerStrip on the right hand column for your convenience.   

   Product Specifications


1 VGA input (Cable included)
1 Component (3xRCA) Y-Pb-Pr Output
    Dimensions 1" (H) x 3" (W) x 4" (D)
    Weight 3 lbs.
    Warranty Info One year warranty

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