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  Manufacturer : Audio Authority
  Model : 9A62
  Description : Component (Y-Pb-Pr) to VGA Converter/Transcoder
  MSRP : $189
  Digital Connection Price :
CALL!        Discontinued and replaced by  9A65 w/HDTV support



Audio Authority VGA to Component (Y-Pb-Pr) Transcoder

9a62.gif (21860 bytes)The Model 9A62 allows progressive scan DVD players with component video outputs (480p) to be connected to direct view and projection displays that require RGB inputs. The RGB output on the 9A62 can be connected using a standard VGA cable (not included). If the display is equipped with BNC inputs, the special breakout cable included with the 9A62 can be used.

The RGB Mode switch allows selection of two different sync modes, depending on the input configuration of the video display. Either of the following video formats can be selected:

  • RGBHV (Red, Green, Blue with separate Horizontal and Vertical sync)

  • RGBS (Red, Green, Blue, with separate composite Sync)

The 9A62 is not a format converter. It passes the horizontal and vertical synchronization timings and pixel content to the outputs without modification. A 480p component video source with a 9A62 requires your SDTV or HDTV monitor to accept a 480p RGB input

Special Features:

  • Two RGB mode settings

  • Dual RGB outputs

  • Component in/out passs-through

  • Special HD-15 VGA to RGBHV cable included

  • Component Video Cable included

Why do I need this device?   

The current crop of Progressive Scan DVD Players output via Component Video (Y-Pb-Pr) connection.  This 3xRCA type connectors are often not available on many Front Projectors, Plasmas, or Computer Monitors.  The 9A62 is a transcoder which will convert and output to VGA 15 pin or BNC (RGBHV and RGBS).  


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    Product Specifications


1 Component (3xRCA) Y-Pb-Pr Input
1 Component (3xRCA) Y-Pb-Pr Pass-through
2 VGA Output (VGA to RGBHV Cable included)
Support RGBHV and RGBS output
    Dimensions 1" (H) x 3" (W) x 4" (D)
    Weight 3lbs.
    Warranty Info One year full replacement warranty

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